• Are you sick of battling a bloated stomach?
  • Immobilised by abdominal pain or irritable bowel?
  • Tired, frustrated and fed up with not feeling your best?

Healthy gut diet plan - 12 weeks to heal your gut

It’s time to stop living life on the sidelines and take charge of your health.

Struggling with gut problems is no fun. Between physical symptoms like pain, bloating and constipation, and the emotional impacts like reduced confidence, mood swings and frustration, it can feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster – but not the exciting kind. If you’re looking for a long-term solution that’s safe, proven and convenient, Pure Gut Health can help.

Naturopath-guided healthy gut diet plan

Pure Gut Health is a naturopath-guided program that will take you from gloom to bloom in 12 weeks, all from the comfort of your home. Created by leading Melbourne naturopath, Helena Davis, Pure Gut Health is an online self-study program packed with lessons, recipes, treatments and tools to help you heal your gut, improve your health and start living your best life.

Gut-friendly foods

The 12-week online program puts you back in charge of your health and your life.  Enjoy delicious recipes full of gut-friendly foods, designed to improve your digestion, get rid of the bloating and giving you back the energy you've been missing.

Be guided through the 12-week gut health program by a qualified naturopath

Hi, I’m Helena Davis – gut health expert, naturopath, speaker and founder of Pure Gut Health. I know how challenging life can be when you’re struggling with gut ailments. Even seemingly simple tasks, like catching public transport, going for a walk or choosing a meal, can feel like an epic battle.

My own journey with digestive health is what inspired me to become a naturopath and, ultimately, create the Pure Gut Health program. Over the course of 12 weeks, I will guide you on your own journey to great gut health, sharing everything I’ve learnt over more than 18 years as a practitioner. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pain, bloating and digestive problems for good, you have come to the right place.

Happy gut, happy clients

Danielle 60x60

"Helena is an incredibly gifted, thorough naturopath and an expert in gut health. Helena was able to diagnose and successfully treat issues that I have suffered for over 10 years, that previous traditional and natural medicine had been unable to resolve. I can't recommend her highly enough.” ~ Danielle

Melissa 60x60

“Helena is a kind, trustworthy, hardworking and passionate naturopath whose intelligence covers many areas including digestive ailments. In my opinion, she should be crowned the 'IBS expert' queen!” ~ Melissa

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