Helena Davis | Pure Gut Health Expert & Naturopath

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Pure Gut Health Club Membership open


As a member, you'll get access to...

  • The Pure Gut Health 12 week online course
  • Access to future gut health programs as they are released
  • Video training to enhance your learning experience
  • Worksheets to help you identify the root causes of your symptoms
  • Comprehensive treatments and protocols to help you heal your gut from home
  • Expert guidance on testing options such as breath or stool analysis
  • Shopping lists, diet plans and a recipe eBook packed with delicious, gut-friendly recipes
  • Convenient online portal access to course materials through the membership platform
  • Fortnightly live support sessions on our Pure Gut Health Club platform, where you can ask questions and receive real-time assistance
  • Valuable insights from experienced practitioners in the field
  • Exclusive community membership, where you can connect with like-minded members who share your interests and goals