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Poor gut health and digestive issues affect around 30% of the population – and the vast majority are women. Problems like bloating, IBS and flatulence can be incredibly painful, but physical pain is just the beginning. If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from digestive problems, you know how isolating and embarrassing they can be. Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • You often look or feel bloated, which messes with your confidence
  • You struggle with painful constipation or unpredictable bowel movements
  • You suffer with stomach pain or lower abdominal pain
  • You feel run down and get sick easily, taking ages to bounce back
  • You lack energy and feel fatigued, no matter how much sleep you get
  • You suffer from skin flare-ups or cystic acne, especially around your period
  • You have crazy PMS and your mood swings like a pendulum
  • You feel nervous in situations where you don’t have easy access to a toilet
  • Your social life and relationships are suffering because of your digestive symptoms
  • You can’t go to a restaurant without researching the menu in advance
  • You feel hopeless, frustrated and alone – you can’t seem to find a cure

I know how you feel and it’s not fun. I've been through my own struggle with gut health and I get how frustrating it can be. Some days you feel fine. You even feel like you’re making progress. Then, boom, the next day you’re sore and bloated. Right back to square one. Sometimes with no idea why or how your symptoms flared up.

Most symptoms are invisible, so friends and family don’t always understand. But they do feel the ripple effect of your stress, pain and frustration. The good news is you are not alone. The great news is there is a solution – the 12-week Pure Gut Health program.

What is the Pure Gut Health program?

Pure Gut Health is a step-by-step program that will take you from feeling tired, bloated and frustrated to light, free and liberated in just 12 weeks.

With fun, easy-to-follow lessons, comprehensive treatment plans, and a mouth-watering collection of gut-friendly recipes, Pure Gut Health is the most comprehensive course you’ll find online.

Every week, you get access to video training and treatment protocols that help you address the physical, mental and emotional blocks that could be causing your symptoms. Whether you have seen a practitioner and received a diagnosis, or simply want to take control of your health, Pure Gut Health will help you understand, manage and treat symptoms.

Pure Gut Health is a self-paced course, so you can join online at any time. Learn from the comfort of your home at times convenient to you.

Program inclusions - so much more than just a diet plan to heal your gut

  • Weekly video training delivered by me, Helena, your gut health expert
  • Weekly worksheets to help you identify the causes of your symptoms
  • Weekly treatments and protocols to help you heal your gut from home
  • Advice and guidance on further testing (like breath or stool testing)
  • Diet plans and a recipe eBook packed with delicious, gut-friendly recipes
  • Access to a private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded members
  • 12 months access to course materials via the online member portal
  • Personal support from an experienced practitioner who gets what you’re going through (me!)

How the Pure Gut Health program works

Think of your digestion like the soil of a garden. For a garden to produce vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, it needs regular TLC. The same applies to your digestive flora – the microorganisms and bacteria that live inside your gut.

Over the course of the 12-week Pure Gut Heath program, you’ll cultivate a heathy garden in three simple steps.

  1. Weed – get rid of any stressors and fertilise your cells, so you can restore your gut and feel more balanced.
  2. Seed – provide your cells with the right nutrition and energy to germinate, so you can rejuvenate your gut and reduce inflammation.
  3. Feed – nourish your cells and harvest the positive results, so you feel revitalised and full of energy.

By the end of the program, you’ll flow better, grow better, glow better and feel better.

12-week Pure Gut Health program overview

There’s so much to learn and discover in the Pure Gut Heath program. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in each of the 12 weekly lessons.

Week 1 – Facilitate
Learn to facilitate digestive processes, so that you can stop feeling foggy and get clarity. You’ll learn about the intricate way your gut works, from your mouth all the way through to your colon. You’ll also learn about gut immunity, hydrochloric acid, stomach enzymes, bile, pancreatic enzymes and digestive hormones.

Week 2 – Translate
Start listening to your body and learn to translate its signals. This week you’ll go from being puzzled and confused to feeling tuned-in and self-aware. You’ll learn about bowel motions, different stool types, floating versus sinking, colours and frequency. You’ll also learn how to read signals from your tongue, mouth, nails and eyes.

Week 3 – Initiate
It’s time to initiate diet changes. Stop blaming and start choosing the best foods that suit your body. You’ll learn about foods that can aggravate your gut symptoms, such as sugar, starch, mould, yeast, fermented, inflammatory and FODMAP foods. You’ll also get access to the Restore Your Gut Diet guidelines, food lists, meal plan guides and the Pure Gut Health Recipe eBook.

Week 4 – Eradicate
When you eradicate gut parasites, worms, viruses and yeast overgrowth from your gut, you go from feeling in despair to feeling hopeful. You'll learn common signs and symptoms associated with these issues and which pathology tests will pick these up. You’ll also get access to detailed treatment plans so you can remove gut parasites, worms and yeast overgrowth safely from your body.

Week 5 – Eliminate
This week you’ll learn to eliminate Helicobacter Pylori, lower gut bacterial infections, overgrowths and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Stop dreading every time you eat and start tolerating different foods again. You’ll learn what the various bacteria are, common signs and symptoms, plus the best pathology tests to check for them. You’ll also get access to treatment plans so you can remove any bacterial infections or overgrowths safely from your body.

Week 6 – Reinoculate
Reinoculate your beneficial gut microbes, so they go from being unbalanced to living in harmony in your body. You’ll learn all about beneficial probiotic gut bacteria that support digestion and immunity – where they live, the different types, which ones to use for specific health conditions, shelf stable versus fridge probiotics and what to do when travelling. You’ll also learn about probiotic foods as well as prebiotics – foods that feed your beneficial gut microbes.

Week 7 – Innovate
Learn innovative new ways of managing stress and experience the shift from feeling flat to feeling more positive. You’ll learn about the impact stress has on your gut, what happens when you're stressed, the stress hormone cortisol and its impact on your gut lining. You’ll also learn about Secretory IgA and its importance in maintaining a healthy gut, plus some simple ways to help manage stress, and tips on food and supplement options.

Week 8 – Cultivate
Cultivate your cells by learning how to check for food aversions, so you can stop worrying about food and start feeling relaxed at meal times. You’ll learn about food allergies, food sensitivities, food intolerances, coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. You’ll also learn about the best pathology tests to check for these, as well as the elimination diet.

Week 9 – Reinvigorate
Reinvigorate your gut lining so you can go from being inflamed to feeling soothed. You’ll learn about upper and lower gut inflammation, leaky gut, gastric reflux, medications and treatments. We cover all the causes and symptoms, plus the best pathology tests to check for these. You’ll also learn about specific foods, herbs and nutrients to assist with healing your gastrointestinal tract and how to reintroduce foods on the Rejuvenate Your Gut Diet after you’ve weeded your gut with the Restore Your Gut Diet.

Week 10 – Evacuate
Evacuate stored toxins, so you can stop feeling clogged and start feeling clear. You’ll learn about your internal acid-alkaline pH levels, toxicity, detoxification, elimination, liver function and liver phase one and two pathways. We’ll cover nutrients and foods to support a healthy liver, as well as the best pathology tests to assess your liver function. We’ll also explore various cleansing programs such as fasting, fruit and vegetable cleansing, juice fasts, vitamin C flushes, liver gallbladder flushes and enemas.

Week 11 – Recreate
This week is all about recreating and challenging the way you let stress affect your body. You’ll experience a shift from feeling stagnant to seeing progress. You’ll learn about your gut enteric nervous system, gut neurotransmitters, gut hormones and the impact stress and relaxation has on these. You’ll also learn about your gut-brain, heart-brain, gut feelings, emotional intelligence – and how important these are. Finally, we’ll discuss gratitude, thoughts, perception, forgiveness and how you handle situations.

Week 12 – Liberate
Feel liberated in your final week by learning about foods that help your cells go from just surviving to thriving. You’ll learn about food being your best medicine and get tips on healthy eating for life. We’ll also cover food additives, heavy metals, toxic plastics, vitamins produced by your gut bacteria, the folate MTHFR gene and how to reintroduce foods on the Revitalise Your Gut Diet.

Pure Gut Health success stories

Linda 60x60

“If you’re serious about improving your health, I highly recommend the Pure Gut Health course. It’s easy to navigate and great value for money. There are printable PDF files, diet guidelines, a fantastic recipe book and, most importantly, ongoing advice and support. I still often refer to the recipes – my favourites are the quinoa and buckwheat loaves. I thought I knew a fair bit about gut health before doing this comprehensive course, but I learned so much more.” ~ Linda

Lena 60x60

“Helena’s program steps you through everything that could be causing your health issues and gives step-by-step guidance on how to approach recovery. It's a small investment and the information is priceless. Another big bonus is the recipe book. When you are as sensitive to substances as I was, you are at a loss as to what to eat. I loved making some of the dishes that are usually off limits, like bread and desserts. Can't recommend enough!” ~ Lena

Betty 60x60

“I loved the course and learnt so much from it. It gave me great knowledge about my gut, including how to feed and care for it. Helena has collated a wealth of information in a simple, step-by-step process. The Pure Gut Health program was a great investment for me and my health.” ~ Betty

Colleen 60x60

Helena’s Pure Gut Health program was very detailed and comprehensive. I learnt deep knowledge of the digestive system and how diet affects our gut. Like all programs, the effort you put into learning reflects how much you learn. It's definitely worth doing!” ~ Colleen

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Some people struggle for years (or a lifetime) with debilitating digestive issues. Don’t be one of them. Empower yourself and transform your health by enrolling in the Pure Gut Health program. Your journey to wellness starts today.